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9th Annual Louisiana SHRM Diversity & Inclusion Summit

February 22 & 23, 2024 | New Orleans, LA

Thursday February 22



Kelly Lockwood Primus
Leading NOW, Inc.


Fostering a sense of belonging in the workplace is cri4cal to building a culture of inclusion, especially given the challenges of the current 4ght talent market. Yet research on belonging at work shows that underrepresented popula4ons have a significantly lower feeling of belonging than their counterparts, resul4ng in higher and more rapid turnover for these populations.

In this new master class, Leading NOW’s CEO Kelly Lockwood Primus will provide a comprehensive analysis on the concept of belonging and guide participants through the key elements they must address to create a culture of belonging in order to engage and retain talent.

Participants in this session will:

  • Understand the five qualifies of belonging
  • Learn the top four factors that contribute to belonging
  • Leave with the tools needed for leaders and organizations to create a culture of belonging for all employees

Welcome Reception & Immersive Networking Experience
in the Art Gallery

The Supreme Court & State Legislation Implications on Inclusion & Belonging: Where do we Go From Here?

Victoria Persons
Director, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Michele Craig
Managing Attorney
Transcendent Law Group

Renada Deschamp, MPA, CDE
Sr. Vice President, Health Equity and Inclusion,
Chief Diversity Officer
Woman’s Hospital

Dr. Darvelle Hutchins
Vice President, Equity &
Social Impact
New Orleans Saints and Pelicans

Friday February 23

Keynote Speakers

Naomi Barrett
Director of Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Charles L Jones
C&B Consulting



John Green, MHA, MPA, LSSYB
Regional Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Fostering Belonging: Building a Culture of Inclusivity in the Workplace

Fostering Belonging and Inclusivity in the Workplace is an exploration of the pivotal role inclusivity plays in creating a thriving and innovative organizational culture. The goal is to dive into the concept of fostering belonging as a strategic imperative for organizations seeking sustained success in today's business landscape, and additionally to serve as a guide for leaders, HR professionals, and employees alike, emphasizing the shared responsibility of creating an inclusive workplace. By fostering a sense of belonging, organizations can unlock their full potential and create a workplace culture that not only attracts top talent but also sustains high levels of performance and innovation.

Elizabeth Laine
Head of DEI and Talent Development
Clearway Energy Group

More Than A Feeling: Making Inclusion Measurable

Historically, companies have focused on diversity rather than inclusion, because it is easy to quantify. But inclusion is more than “a feeling of belonging” — it is a set of behaviors that can be measured, tracked and improved over time. Despite a focus on diversity recruiting, people from underrepresented groups are leaving their organizations in droves. Diversity talent acquisition costs are increasing, yet representation has remained relatively stagnant in this vicious cycle. In this session, award-winning DEI leader Elizabeth N. Laine will teach a proven approach to help DEI leaders assess, define, target and track inclusion behaviors so underrepresented groups can be empowered for the long haul.

Krisshunn E. Youngblood
Director for the Office of Inclusive Excellence
McNeese State University

“Say My Name”

If I cannot pronounce a person’s name, I just make one up or shorten it to make it easier for me. How many of us have encountered this? Do I belong here if they just assign me a name just like an employee identification number? Understand why it is important to pronounce an individual’s name, and how it creates a climate of belonging in the workplace.

Renada Deschamp, MPA, CDE
Sr. Vice President, Health Equity and Inclusion, Chief Diversity Officer
Woman’s Hospital

Finding Your Voice in the DEI Symphony: Harmonizing Frustrations, Building Belonging

Being a DEI leader can feel like conducting a symphony of diverse voices. But what happens when your own note gets lost in the chorus? This one-hour interactive workshop empowers DEI leaders to navigate the unique challenges of isolation and frustration within their roles. Through activities, discussions, and resource sharing, we'll explore strategies for:

Identifying and acknowledging your frustrations: Learn to recognize the emotional toll of DEI work and validate your feelings without judgment.

Building a support network: Discover brave spaces and trusted allies inside and outside your organization.

Communicating effectively: Develop strategies for expressing your concerns constructively and advocating for change.

Practicing self-care: Explore techniques for emotional resilience and sustainable DEI leadership.


Rocsean Spencer, CCA (Moderator)
Chief Diversity Officer
New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center

Kelly Primus
Leading NOW Inc.

Lisa Duffy, PMP
Director of Strategic Fuel and Market Operations
Cleco Power

Dr. David Robinson-Morris
Chief Reimaginelutionary
REImaginelu on, LLC.

Master of Ceremonies

Kyndra Joi

Mindful Emcee

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